Rabu, 02 Januari 2013

The ballad of rosette's makers

See, how beautiful they are ^_^ *blink*

Holla, firstly i wanna say " Happy New Year 2013" to all of you :) Thanks for visiting my blog almost this time. Although you just see the picture or get some inspiration from my blog, i really2 appreciate it. 

Now, i wanna share a little story behind my new job: "Making rosette" . Yup, this cotton flower not only make me falling in love but also make me tired and more emotional than before. 

Why? because some of my customers recently don't understand how hard i try to make these wonderful rosettes. They just request the rosette, pay for the DP then wait for the invoice from me soon. I also take more time to try make a good rosette. A days? No. A month? No. I need several months so this rosette can get a good shape.

Meanwhile, i need a time to buy the cotton cloth, cut it then straight sewing with sew machine, roll the cotton until it shape like a rose. Fyuh! Sometime, i try to forget the customers. After a tiring day making rosette, i just entertained by seeing them. All pastel colour rosettes looks beautiful. Do you mind? hehe....

Let me tell you that last week i don't understand what one of my customer said. She wanted to returned my handmade headpiece that full of rosettes. She said "It's not customize with i want, bla-bla-bla..." Before she said like that, she often complained this and that. So i think, my patience is going to z-e-r-o for her. I just replied "Ok, never mind. Just keep the headpiece for you, f-r-e-e. Maybe this is your last order so i don't need hear your complaining again". After ia said like that, i feel relief and get many lesson from those. 

Another stories from making rosette is one of may crafter contacts say like this to me "Your rosette is beautiful. But i think, these creations like C*** handmade". Then i answered "Thanks, i get inspiration and learn how to make rosette from her. So do you want to learn how to make a rosette?  i will happy to teach you" . Unfortunately, she doesnt want, hehe. "Never mind, i'll make it by my self". Aha! so I think, she just admiring the rosette or share what she doesn't like from my creation? Until now, i can't understand what she said to me.  

By the way, now i try not to stop make rosette. One by one it will make my day so colourful :)

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